For foreign students

Environmental Management Laboratory (Tokai Laboratory) is engaged in environmental systems engineering research activities which support technical-based decision making amongst government, industryand public sectors in regard to problems and challenges faced by highly-technological society.

Methodological interests:

  • Environmental risk assessment & management
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Risk tradeoff analysis

Application areas:

  • Chemical substance management
  • Replacement of urban environmental infrastructure
  • Waste management and energy utilization
  • Global warming countermeasure in automobile industry


Environmental Management Laboratory, Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka UniversityAddress: S4 Building, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan E-mail:

Teaching Staff

Proffesor TOKAI Akihiro
Assistant Proffesor ITO Lisa
Project Assistant Proffesor DOS MUCHANGOS Leticia

Our basic policy on research

We value the autonomy of the student. You can consult any research topics based on your interests. We support you to master the systems approach as shown below withenthusiasm.

You will be exposed to several modeling skills:
    • Integrated environmental risk assessment modeling;
    • Exposure modeling;
    • Uncertainty analysis;
    • Value of information analysis;
    • Life cycle assessment,
and so on.

systems approach
Figure: Basic framework of systems approach

Messages from Alumnae & Alumni

  • Abdi Pratama (from Indonesia) (Ph.D in 2019)
  • Antoine Francis Obame Nguema (from Gabon) (Ph.D in 2019) Message (PDF)
  • Xu Jiajie (from China) (master degree in 2019) Message (PDF)
  • Leticia Sarmento dos Muchangos (from Mozambique) (Ph.D in 2017) Message (PDF)
  • Muhammad Bin Azmi (from Malaysia) (Ph.D in 2017) Message (PDF)
  • Robert Macnee (from United Kingdom) (Ph.D in 2017) Message (PDF)
  • Ibrahim Ghazi (from Indonesia) (master degree in 2017) Message (PDF)
  • Ibnu Susanto(from Indonesia) (Ph.D in 2016) Message (PDF)
  • Thai Van Nam (from Vietnam) (Ph.D in 2011) Message (PDF)
  • Dang Thanh Tu (from Vietnam) (Ph.D in 2010) Message (PDF)
  • Le Anh Hoang (from Vietnam) (Ph.D in 2013)
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