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  Awazu laboratory (medical beam physics laboratory), which belongs to Graduate School of Engineering in Osaka University, is the research area about laser tissue interactions for laser surgery and medicine, optical properties of biological tissues and laser analysis as typified by a laser ionization mass spectrometry on the basis of biomedical optics, photobiology, health physics and laser engineering.

  We have led the researches about novel laser tissue interactions and their applications for a translational research phase. Especially infrared wavelength applications for less-invasive and selective treatments are our main interests. Development of an analytical system and application studies about laser ionization mass spectrometry and their imaging for drug discovery is also our big theme.

  We promote the bio-medical and industrial applications of novel light technologies to carry out the wide-range research from laboratory (basic laser tissue interaction) to translational research (development of a device for medical use and animal experiment etc.).

  Our laboratory is aiming to culture the human resources who highly understand both engineering and medicine.

  We can provide many research themes about biomedical optics and laser medicine for your research life. Of course, you can develop an original theme for taking a graduate degree. If you have an interest with Awazu laboratory, Please contact us through this email address, !! Please translate % to @.


Awazu Laboratory