UED: SAWAKI LABORATORY 都市環境デザイン学領域|澤木研究室

Professors and Teaching Faculty

教授 澤木昌典

Masanori Sawaki


Kunihiko Matsumoto

Assistant Professor


Research Outline

In the Domain of Urban Environmental Design, we are doing various researches into ways of improving houses, towns and regions in order to provide us a comfortable environment to live in.

Current researches look at ways to create attractive cities where good relationship exists between people and the environment. Nowadays when the importance of the environmental problem as a global issue and the necessity of urban renovation for the 2lst century are realized, Urban Environmental Design is also expected to fill a role for the re-designing of the human environment. As mankind's environment consists of historical, cultural and regional factors, we must treat it comprehensively, regarding a human "Sense" as important, on the base of knowledge of the technological and scientific analysis. There exists the true role of "design" and so it is not enough to embellish the physical environment aesthetically.

The main fields of Urban Environmental Design are as follows.

1) Design of human settlement: Study on how to compose the housing group, and on the human life style or the communities which influence on the human settlement.

2) Design of urban environment: Study on how to compose an environment which makes the city more attractive and vivid and on a system of cooperation among citizens, companies and administrations to advance the town planning.

3) Design and preservation of natural environment: Study on design methods for symbiosis of city with nature, and on control systems of land use for the preservation of natural environment.

Current Research Subjects

  • Creation and evaluation of townscape and rural landscape
  • Re-designing of urban space for re-vitalization of inner city
  • Method of symbiosis of natural and artificial environments
  • Relation between living environment and residents' consciousness
  • Method of locally identified community improvement
  • Sustainable maintenance of historical and cultural environments
  • Method of reconstruction and improvement of the urban areas damaged by the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, and etc.
  • Comparative study on the spatial composition of Asian cities