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About AGCEI :

The First International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics (ICCBEI 2013) was held on November 7 – 8, 2013 at Tokyo International Exchange Center (Plaza Heisei), Tokyo, Japan. ICCBEI was developmentally organized from the previous series of Asian Construction Information Technology Roundtable Meeting, which had been sponsored by Committee on Civil Engineering Informatics (CCEI) of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) and Japan Construction Information Center (JACIC) and which had been dissolved in order that the open international conference should be formed. ICCBEI are to be held in the odd number years in Asia, while International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ICCCBE), which is organized by International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE), is to be held in the even number years. The motivation is that Asia did not have any international conference in computing in civil and building engineering, while Europe and North America have European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE) Workshop and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering (IWCCE), respectively. We have organized the Board of Directors (BOD) of Asian Group for Civil Engineering Informatics (AGCEI) and decided to organize the 1st ICCBEI on 2013. Although ICCBEI is basically held in Asia, it is a true international conference and we welcome participants from all over the world. At the BOD Meeting of ISCCBE on June 22, 2014 in Orlando, Florida, USA, it was unanimously decided that AGCEI to become a sister organization of ISCCBE and that ICCBEI to become a sister international conference of ICCCBE.

The conference theme of ICCBEI is applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Civil, Building, and Environmental Engineering, including, but not limited to, BIM, CAD, Construction Information Modeling (CIM), GIS, GPS, laser scanning, sensors, monitoring, VR/AR, visualization, computer-aided construction, robotics, product and process modeling, Big Data, cooperative design, High Performance Computing (HPC), simulation, Multi-Agent Simulation (MAS), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), computer-aided structural control and analysis, ICT in geotechnical engineering, computational mechanics, asset management, maintenance, urban planning, Facility Management (FM), Smart City, BEMS/HEMS, etc. The objective of this conference is to report and disseminate ideas, progress, and products of innovative international research activities in this exciting field and formulate strategies for future direction.

Those who are interested in participating in ICCBEI conferences are all welcome to join AGCEI as its members. No membership fee is required. No work is required as a member. Once you become a member, news about ICCBEI, such as call for abstracts and papers, will be sent to you in a timely manner. Your email address and other personal information are solely used for sending messages about ICCBEI and AGCEI activities.

If you are interested in joining AGCEI, please contact me.

January 11, 2015
Nobuyoshi Yabuki
President, AGCEI
Professor, Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Osaka University