Tsutomu Yoshigi1

1) Deputy Director, CORINS/TECRIS Center, Japan Construction Information Center, Tokyo, Japan

Abstract: In the process of procurement of public works, the accurate information about contractors/consultants is important because the ability of contracted company affects infrastructure quality significantly for a long period. According to the recent increase of international biddings, the accumulated information about prospected companies should be provided to public works’ employers in foreign countries as well as in their homeland. Especially, increasing public private partnership contracts calls for more information on a global basis. This paper suggests an international database system, with showing the experience of database management operated by Japan Construction Information Center.

Keywords: Database, Construction Track Record, International Bidding, PPP

Bibliographical Reference:
Tsutomu Yoshigi. “INTERNATIONAL DATABASE DEVELOPMNET FOR CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.” In Proceedings of International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics (ICCBEI 2015), 130. Tokyo, Japan, 2015.