Yasushi Kawanai1 and Okimitsu Suzuki2

1) Deputy Director, Department of Managing and Planning, Japan Construction Information Center (JACIC), Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan.
2)Former Chief Engineer of Japan Construction Information Center(JACIC), Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan.

Abstract: This paper will introduce a Japanese infrastructure database named CORINS (Construction Result Information System) which my organization JACIC is dealing for 20 years. The total number of registered projects in this database system is already over 4 millions now. A large potion of the public works is registered now in monopoly. With some analysis and comparison study, I would prove it is the widest covered database among all Japanese statistics data in the field of construction. And this CORINS would tell us, in the aggregate, the real state of Japanese public works or government budget status very clearly.

Keywords: CORINS, TECRIS, database, infrastructure, PQ, statics

Bibliographical Reference:
Yasushi Kawanai, Okimitsu Suzuki. “CORINS –MOST COMPREHENSIVE DATABASE OF JAPANESE INFRASTRUCTURE.” In Proceedings of International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics (ICCBEI 2015), 132. Tokyo, Japan, 2015.