Urban Energy System Laboratory

It is said that the 21st century is the century of the environment and the century of urbanizations where already half of the world’s population is living in. We are already facing a century in which global warming is causing serious environmental problems. The improvement in the usage of energy in urbanizations is an essential matter for the mitigation of this issue.  Urbanization have been causing several changes in the environment and for instance, a heat island effect phenomenon has been detected caused by the reduction of green spaces, lakes and rivers and by the exhaust heat from buildings to the environment. Many other new environmental problems are arising due to urbanization and are causing impacts on the environment which jeopardizes its preservation which is indispensable for human’s pleasant living.

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A paper is published in Journal of Building Performance Simulation@Link

July, 2014

 Research themes

The energy demand side is very important while doing an analysis on the Energy system. Concretely the main themes of research on this laboratory are: